CIRMA1 – A Great Initiative for the Mining Industry

Algeria has always been a country that is known for its rich mineral resources and in recent years great efforts have been made to bring attention to mining and the mining industry of Algeria. Minerals such as iron ore, zinc, lead, mercury, phosphates, copper and calamine have been mined. Stone quarries have also been producing onyx and red and white marble. By hosting the first ever international mineral resources conference, Algeria hopes to open new avenues and interest foreign investors in the local mining industry.

The Hilton Hotel Algiers in the city of Algiers will be the venue for the CIRMA1 conference, taking place between the 2nd and the 4th of December 2007. The new mining laws in Algeria have created bigger opportunities for mining establishments. CIRMA1 will highlight these opportunities and, together with the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Algeria, H.E. Dr. Chakib Khelil will address those in attendance in regard to the developments and future hopes of the mining industry. Representatives of various areas within the industry have been invited to attend CIRMA1. These will include product and service suppliers, lawyers, financial and investment consultants, geologists, Algerian and foreign mining countries representatives, development and environmental experts and many other specialists.

CIRMA1 will be looking at important issues such as the country’s economic geology, market trends, regulations, laws, environmental protection, operator and investment responsibilities and opportunities. As mentioned before, new mining laws have been instituted in Algeria and these changes are expected to bring about equal treatment of local and foreign investors, access to mining activities, suitable environmental conservation and protection, specific tax systems, set procedures and improvements in the technical, fiscal and legal sectors of the mining industry. All mining activities within the country will also be regulated by agencies that have been elected to ensure that the mining laws are enforced and that mineral assets are controlled.

Workshops, exhibitions and shows will demonstrate and introduce attendees to the opportunities, technical developments and environmental efforts. Business meetings and conferences will allow the various sectors of the mining industry to enter tenders, negotiate, discuss concerns and consider future opportunities and interests. CIRMA1 is a wonderful initiative that will open Algeria to a global market and can also boost the economy of the country.