Fascinating Feature of Tin Bider Crater

The wide open deserts, with inconsistent rivers, mountainous regions and challenging hills, creates a unique landscape that is an attraction in its own right. Over and above the brown and beige slopes of the deserts and lush oases that are found along the way, Algeria has fascinating natural phenomenon, such as the Tin Bader Crater, that adds to the magnificence of the countryside. The Tin Bider Crater is referred to as a complex crater that was created millions of years ago, and is a fascinating site that has been studied by geologists.

The most interesting feature of the crater is that it is very deceiving when looked at, as it seems to be located at a lower elevation when compared to its surroundings, but when taking a closer look, one realizes that it isn’t. It is believed to have been formed approximately seventy million years ago, which places it somewhere between the Cretaceous Period and the Tertiary Period. The Tin Bider Crater is quite large in size, and measures six kilometers across. As mentioned, the Tin Bider Crater is a complex crater, and there are a number of features that determines whether a crater is complex or not. Central peaks are distinguishable features in a complex crater, and some complex craters will also have peaked rings. The Tin Bider Crater has these elevated rings, and therefore qualifies as a complex crater. These rings are sometimes formed by falling rock formations on impact and with the direction the Tin Bider Crater was created, the landscape to the south of the crater is lower than that on the north.

Visitors to Algeria will find the Tin Bider Crater located on the southern point of the Tin Rhert Plateau. Its peaks are extremely fascinating to view as various ores, such as grains of quartz and sandstone can be seen, which supports the analysis that shock features are visible in the crater. The Tin Bider Crater is a wonderful natural site that is one of the historical features of Algeria, helping geologists determine how the landscapes of the country were formed centuries ago.