Festival De Djoua 2010

Aimed at raising awareness of the value of using local resources and traditions for economic and social development in the area, the Festival De Djoua is set to take place from 15 to 22 July 2010 under the theme of “Tourism and Local Development”. The venue for the festival will be outside the village of Djoua Kabyle, perched on a high mountain peak, overlooking the Gulf of Bejaia. Due to the Liberation War and other circumstances beyond the control of its inhabitants, the village was abandoned in 1958, and over time started to show signs of neglect. The Festival De Djoua aims to rejuvenate the village, while at the same time enjoying a cultural feast of Algerian traditions.

Recognizing the huge potential of the Bejaia region, a committee was formed to develop the area for tourism. The region certainly has all the hallmarks of a great tourist destination – sun, sea, mountains, variable terrain, archaeological sites, clean air, rich culture and traditions, and characteristic hospitality. Original inhabitants of the village, as well as descendents, are the driving force behind the project and its implementation. A number of steps have been planned starting with the systematic inventory of uninhabited homes and a survey of adjacent properties.

A number of activities are planned for the Festival De Djoua. An area will be set aside where craftsmen can demonstrate their various traditional handicraft skills, many of which have been handed down through generations. Visitors will have the opportunity to watch craftsmen at work, as well as to buy some of their completed products. A cultural area, complete with stage, sound and lighting, will provide a platform for the arts of music, storytelling, poetry and theater. Exhibitions, documentary screenings and lectures will be held by experts in various fields relating to the region, its history and its potential for the future. Local associations will be given the opportunity to promote their various projects and garner support from visitors to the festival. The young ones have also been considered, and a program of entertainment and activities will be on offer especially for them, including donkey rides, craft workshops and a playground.

Certainly, the Festival De Djoua offers the perfect opportunity to visit this beautiful part of Algeria, and at the same time to gain insight into the country’s fascinating history, culture and heritage.