Fethi Tabet – Musician Extraordinaire

Born in the 1950’s in Sidi-Bel-Abbes, Algeria, Fethi Tabet grew up in an affluent family home in the city of Oran. With an interesting combination of local and foreign residents, Oran gave the young Fethi Tabet insight into the traditions and music of various cultures. With the city being alive with music festivals, theatres and radio, he realized from a young age that he was destined to be a musician. And once he had made up his mind and was discovered to have remarkable music ability by his teacher, his family got behind Tabet and supported him in his dreams.

Mr. Hadiane, Fethi Tabet’s teacher, saw potential in the eight year old and slowly started introducing him to various instruments. At the age of eleven, Tabet had learnt the basics in regard to music and mastered his percussion talents, after which his father bought him a violin and entered Tabet into the Arabo-Andalusian School of Cheikh Sekkal. It was here that he learnt all the skills to set himself apart from other musicians, learning to play the violin, the lute, viola and to sing. He also spent time on percussion and poetry and through his dedication and hard work he became an accomplished violinist at a very young age. His magnificent talents would lead him on a road of performing and composing.

Fethi Tabet traveled across Algeria with his orchestra, bringing music and delight to every audience he performed for. Unfortunate circumstances in his country forced him to relocate to France in 1980 and he finally settled in Montpellier. He continued his passion for music and composing by working on the Tartarin de Tarascon soundtrack for Garagouz and Jerome Savary, after which he began to infiltrate the musical world of France. Performing with various artists and orchestras was like second nature to him, and during the 1990’s Fethi Tabet decided to form a new group and start performing on stage again. He has been welcomed by audiences around the world, stealing their hearts and admiration through his humble nature and promotion of peace and understanding through his lyrics. A unique blend of Andalusian-style dance music, influenced by the sounds of music from various destinations, such as South America, Africa and the Sub-Sahara, appeals to audiences around the world.

Touring through the Middle East, the United States and Africa, has allowed Fethi Tabet to share his love for music with people across the globe. Audiences identify with his sense of humor and his messages of tolerance and love. Gaining popularity with every performance, this Algerian born performer, musician and musical master, has not only learnt how to play instruments and sing, but to captivate an audience and deliver magical performances in his own exceptional style.