Gifts from and to Algeria and the World

Music can be a delectable form of history, after from its varied effects on our senses and moods. Folk music is the most telling of music genres, for it has its inspiration in common members of a community, unlike the classical forms which are mostly the preserves of the exceptionally gifted. The folk music of Algeria is a classic example of how art forms breathe tales of the past, because it has as many European and Asian strains in it as from its native continent of Africa.

Algerian music is living proof that this desert community has been in regular contact with societies across the Mediterranean. The fusion of distant influences is of exceptional quality, and the music of Algeria must rank amongst the best gifts from this land to the rest of the world. Algerian music has a wide repertoire of styles, and amazingly for a people who are strongly male-dominated, has types which are reserved for delightful performance by women.

While most folk music struggles to maintain its identity, and shares with classical forms, strict adherence to established routines of the past, the Algerian forms of melody are bound by no such stifling norms. Music in Algeria is alive and generous, and does not hesitate at all to absorb influences from exotic sources. It falls on the culturally literate shoulders of Paris to invent some engaging music with a combination of Algerian influences and western instruments. This special kind of melody is one of the splendid pleasures of spending time at French Café!

The expression of political aspirations through music is largely a 20th century phenomenon, and Algerian music has not lost any opportunities to join many other third world peers in this respect. Musicians have played significant roles in the modern history of Algeria, and it is also a matter of some ongoing controversy. Nevertheless, the characteristic melodies and beats never fail to stir the hearts of people regardless of their real-life inclinations.

It is a great blessing of our times that we can enjoy performing arts from any part of the world within the familiar surroundings of our homes. Lose no time in adding some top quality Algerian music to your collection, and you can bring in the genius of a most gifted people to your ears at will!