Moscow Circus on Ice Tours Algeria

The Great Moscow Circus on Ice arrived in the fascinating country of Algeria in September 2007 and, starting in Algiers, will be undertaking a six month tour through the country, stopping at eleven towns to perform. Audiences can expect to be enthralled as the performers entertain them in grand circus style – but all on ice!

The unusual blend of artistic ice skating with the circus is the essence of the performances. The traditional circus, which many have been familiar with since childhood, takes on a whole new dimension on the ice during this two-hour spectacle. The show includes traditional dancers, trapeze artists, acrobats, trained doves, dogs, a two meter tall brown bear and of course, plenty of clowns. The choreography of the figure skating is breath-taking with each artist a professional in his or her chosen genre. Traditional dance forms, such as ballet, have been adapted for ice skating in a unique way that enhances the original dance form rather than detracting from it. A group of jugglers put on a magnificent show, expertly dancing the samba on the ice, while at the same time performing juggling tricks using a variety of objects. Gymnasts perform incredible moves bending their lithe bodies in ways that would seem impossible, and doing all this with ease as they glide across the ice.

The Moscow Circus on Ice is able to perform on both natural and plastic ice. The circus also has equipment to create its own ice within 36 hours, using the unique technology of a mobile refrigerating complex – regardless of the location and climate.

The thirty performers that travel with the Moscow Circus on Ice come from many different walks of life. There are professional figure skaters, graduates from the Circus Academy, Olympic champions and well known artists that come from families that have been circus performers for generations.

The Moscow Circus on Ice has had very successful tours through many countries including New Zealand, South America, Japan, Moldavia, Estonia, Latvia, Israel, Italy, Germany, Poland, France, Holland, South Africa and Belgium. The circus has been received with enthusiasm and garnered favorable reports wherever it has performed.

It is clear that the Moscow Circus on Ice appeals to audiences of all ages, all over the world. Visitors to Algeria, and local Algerians, are sure to enjoy what the circus has to offer. It will be a most memorable experience.