Relax and Take in the Sights of Mostaganem

The city of Mostaganem is located on the Mediterranean Sea, in the northwest region of Algeria. It was founded in the eleventh century, under the name Murustage, but was soon overrun in 1516 by Barbarossa. Even though Barbarossa was a pirate, he managed to transform Mostaganem into a lucrative pirate port, and a port for commercial traffic. It was not exactly the ideal leadership, but it did secure the seaport city as an important trading post and center for the fishing industry.

In the 1700s the Ottoman Empire took over the seaport, and soon the city fell into decline. The French were the last foreign rulers of Mostaganem, as they took control of the city in 1833. Algeria declared its independence in 1962, and the city of Mostaganem has become a popular tourist attraction. It has remained a fishing port, but with an estimated population of approximately 150 thousand residents it has retained its small town charm and relaxing atmosphere. The port is always alive with traders, fishermen and vendors, with hearty laughs and jovial conversations filling the air. The cafés and small restaurants are always filled to the brim with patrons and it seems that the city has shaken off its turbulent past, preferring to find the good and happiness in life.

Visitors to Algeria come to Mostaganem because of its lighthearted approach to life, but also to catch a glimpse at the noteworthy historical sites, such as the Almoravid Citadel, constructed in the eleventh century, and the old Muslim city of Tidgit. The city boasts a successful university center and is known for its clean and picturesque beaches.

Although fishing plays a large role in the economy of the city, the agricultural sector of Mostaganem has grown tremendously. Industries have established themselves in the region and the Mostaganem region now has a flourishing economic sector that produces tobacco, paper pulp, cigarettes, cotton, sugar, cement and furniture, just to name a few. Visitors will find Mostaganem to be a refreshing tourist attraction and a spectacular destination in Algeria. Its illustrious history, entwined with famous pirates and occupation, only adds to the richness and diversity of the city and its residents.