Accommodation Options, Hotels

From historic, architecturally interesting buildings which may previously have been palaces or private homes, to glistening, modern skyscrapers, hotels are the most common form of accommodation in Algeria, and their standards of service can differ greatly. Wherever you choose to visit you are likely to find accommodation to suit your needs and your budget, however it is best to book your accommodation in advance - especially if you're fussy about what sort of accommodation you want.

You may prefer to find something with just the basics – a room, a restroom and basic catering facilities. Whilst this sort of accommodation is not very commonplace, it does exist. Most hotels offer at least a two-star rating and the most frequently available hotels feature something between a two-star and four-star rating. Five-star hotels are usually available in the bigger cities. Luxury hotels may feature one or more swimming pools, a tennis court, a fitness center, a sauna, masseur services, a night club, any number of restaurants featuring different cuisine, a business center and basic laundry services. The best part about accommodation in Algeria is that it is generally very affordable to the majority of visitors.

You may find a hotel facility near the airport or may be able to arrange transport to the hotel through hotel officials but this is rare. Whatever hotel option you choose, you can be sure that the accommodation in Algeria is comfortable and well suited to the warm climate of the country.

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