Public Services

The public services in Algeria are quite good in some parts of the country and poor at best in more remote areas. Whilst the government does strive to upgrade their existing services and to expand the number of services offered, this can be difficult when the country is already facing so many other problems. Thus, many first world inhabitants would consider Algeria's public services to be of a somewhat low standard - but for a third world country it is comparable with that of other North African countries.

Algeria does have a good number of primary, secondary and tertiary educational facilities. However, the number of individuals actually attending these schools is far below what it should be. Most Algerians attend primary school but do not progress to secondary school. However, this is improving slowly and efforts are also being made to build more schools so that schooling is even more accessible. Education is free and mandatory for all children aged 6-15.

Public transportation is available, but is not as easily accessible as it may be in other countries. The country has a good road and railway network and you may be able to obtain transport to another country via ship. If you wish to use the roadways, it is usually best to hire your own vehicle – otherwise your tour operator should be able to arrange all necessary transport on your behalf.

There are a variety of basic health care facilities in the country but it is recommended that you go elsewhere if for large medical operations. There are broadcasting and communications services in the form of television and radio broadcasting and cellular networks. Electricity is available in certain cities and the levels of service vary.

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