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Traveling by train can be a great way to explore Algeria, even if the options are limited. Read through this information to find out more.

If you are interested in traveling to Algeria, you might want to first take note of the most commonly used forms of transport. The standard of railway travel in Algeria is reasonable and the tickets are cost effective, but many of the Algerian Train Stations have either been closed or are used on a very limited basis. Train is a common way to enter the country if you are traveling from Tunisia, but the border between Algeria and Morocco is closed, so you may not travel to Algeria from Morocco via train or even bus. Generally speaking, trains in Algeria are of a lower standard than those found in much of Europe and many visitors are initially surprised to see how they are used by the local people. Train stations in Algeria tend to be busy, vibrant places where confusion runs rampant, so if you do decide to travel by train, it would be best to arrive early and try to find out exactly where you will need to go in order to board your train successfully. It would also be beneficial to ask your travel agent more about train stations in Algeria and the use of train stations before booking train tickets because your travel agent will be in the best position to give you reliable advice about train schedules, safety, regularity and other important information.

Most people traveling to or around Algeria prefer to travel by car or boat. If you do choose to cross the border by means of road transportation, you should be prepared to face some tight security at the border posts. This applies for whatever country you plan to depart from other than Tunisia. If you travel by boat you will find sea-going vessels departing from Spain, France and Italy to Algeria. This is also not a bad way to travel to the country. Once you have arrived, you can usually take a taxi. Oran has excellent taxi services and these are fairly cheap. You can also choose to take the bus but will find that, if you are traveling with at least one other person, it is cheaper and more comfortable to take a taxi.

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