Algeria’s New Football Coach

After the Algerian football team suffered a 4 – 0 loss against Morocco during an Africa Cup of Nations qualifying game, which was held last month in Marrakech, their coach, Abdelhak Benchikha resigned from his position. The defeat seriously endangered the team’s chances of participating in Equatorial Guinea and in Gabon in 2012. The next tournament will get underway in 2013, which will be held in Libya. This was done to avoid the Africa Cup of Nations colliding with the World Cup. To reach their goals, Algeria has appointed a new coach.

The new coach, Vahid Halilhodzic, commented that he has signed a three year contract to be coach of the Algerian football team, and that his goal will be to step up the game of the team to such a level that they will be able to qualify for both the African Cup of Nations and the World Cup, which will be held in 2014. The former boss of the Ivory Coast team will have two assistants to help him on his mission, namely a technician who is still to be appointed and Noureddine Kourichi. Kourichi has an impressive track record, being a defender for the Greens, as well as being in two World Cup tournaments in Spain (1982) and in Mexico (1986). Halilhodzic spoke to the press, saying he was eager to take up the challenge that lay in front of him and that he believes the Algerian football team has a lot of potential that could be harnessed by improving their technical abilities. Most of the team at present is made up of Algerian players that are currently also playing in European clubs, mostly in either Spain or France.

Vahid Halilhodzic was not comfortable with releasing his salary amount, saying that it was a private matter, but did confirm that if the goals set out for 2013 were not met, that he and the Algerian football team will part ways. He is well aware of the massive task that lies ahead of him, and which has been outlined by the Algerian Football Federation, but he is enthusiastic that he will be able to assist the team in a positive manner, achieving everything they set out to do.