A Visit to Azazga

Azazga is a destination in Algeria that is blanketed in history and a rich traditional culture that has made this town a significant attraction to visit. It was established in the year 1882 by the French. Due to the locals turning a deaf ear to the invading troops asking for information in regard to rebel forces, the town got its name, which means “The Deaf Persons”. The town has seen its fair share of war and uprising, but is today a thriving community that is proud of its heritage and their loyalty to their fellow countrymen.

Located in the Kabylia region of Algeria, Azazga is situated between Ifigha and Tizi Ouzou, making it a vital point on the transit route. To create the city, the swampy land on which it was constructed was drained, but enough water was still available for numerous breathtaking fountains to be erected throughout the city, due to its close proximity to the river Aboud and river Sebaou. The communities of Azazga primarily make a living from agriculture with large pieces of land being set aside for grazing of livestock and for the growing of agricultural products such as vegetables, olive oil and honey. However, most of the area is covered in breathtaking forests and undergrowth. The town is very self sufficient, offering local residents health services at the hospital which has a laboratory, emergency services, operating theatres and a hospital that can accommodate over two hundred and seventy patients. Their educational department has also seen to it that the town has elementary schools, high schools and colleges for their children.

Sport is a very important part of the history of Azazga, as it is home to one of the oldest football clubs in Algeria. The Jeunesse Sportive Azazga was founded in the year 1946, and in 1998 another club, OC Azazga, was established. Together with its fascinating history and the Azazga people’s passion for freedom and independence, the town has flourished into a city that locals can be proud of, and is a recommended destination for visitors to explore. Azazga might have been founded by the French, but it was the community who developed the town and made it what it is today.