Algiers: The Soul of Algeria

For anyone traveling to Algeria, a stay in Algiers is a must. Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, Algiers is the largest Algerian city with over 3 million residents. The city structure starts at the sea and rises 400 feet into the hills of this city. The legendary Casbah or citadel crowns the hills. A walled encampment that has been the subject of movies, books, wars, and music and holds the heart of the area.

First founded in 944 as a Phoenician commercial port city, Algiers has been the home of Romans, Spaniards, Moors, and the famous Barbary Pirates. In 1962, Algeria gained independence from the French after a long and bloody war that claimed the lives of over 1 million citizens. Making Algiers the capital, the people of Algeria finally had a country of their own.

The architecture of this city is truly amazing and spans the life and influence of the country. There is the Roman Catholic cathedral, Notre Dame d’Afrique, Martyrs Square with its salute to those who gave their lives for independence, the new library that takes its personality from the British National library and of course, the Casbah and its fortress of beautiful white buildings.

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This city is one of great beauty, history, and lore. For those adventurous souls, an excursion to the heart of Algeria is a must. Grab a rucksack, a daring mind, and visit Algiers the soul of North Africa.