Music Lovers Should Definitely Attend the El Hasnaoui Symposium

Sheikh El Hasnaoui is a talented artist whose work has come to stand out as being above that of many of his peers. As such he was the obvious choice for a symposium that will cover not only his work but also his life. Fans of El Hasnaoui’s work will no doubt be eager to learn more about this upcoming event.

The legendary artist now known as Sheikh El Hasnaoui was originally named Mohamed Khelouat. He was born on 23 July 1910 in Taâzibt. It wasn’t’ long before his incredible aptitude for songwriting and poetry began to be developed. He had a knack for incredible sensitivity and subtly and his works were filled with emotion and tenderness which helped them to become beautiful and memorable. He was also able to explore a number of different musical styles and languages, thus spoken Arabic and Tamazight are both used in his work. The romantic poetry used for lyrics transcends time boundaries, making them unforgettable. El Hasnaoui’s rise to fame began in 1930 when he created the now famous song ‘The White House’. Unfortunately El Hasnaoui was later persecuted for his outspoken music and he was exiled to France seven years later. Nevertheless, he was always connected to his homeland through his incredible music. In fact, he began to forge a style of music that was intimately linked to his experiences as an exile. This music style came to be known as chaâbi. The incredibly stirring, almost haunting way that he conveys his thoughts and feelings can give rise to chills in the listener. It is little wonder then that with such an incredible talent for creating music that El Hasnaoui was able to enjoy a long and substantial career. He later died in exile in 2002 on Reunion Island and it was there that he was also buried. His family is currently trying to get his remains moved to a more suitable grave in his native village.

If you would like to learn more about this incredible musician, you would do well to get yourself to the El Hasnaoui Symposium in Tizi Ouzou. The symposium will take place on May 11-15, 2009, and will cover quite a lot of information regarding his works, the life experiences that molded his thinking and passion, and his upbringing. The symposium will be conducted in French and will no doubt prove to be a massive success.