New Town for Algeria

When looking at a country, each town and city has its own history, from its establishment through to its continued growth and development. Usually, cities begin as small settlements that grow from there, and it is very rare to hear of a country has decided to build a new town or city. In the case of the new La Ville Nouvelle de Hassi Messaoud town, Algeria has made the decision to begin construction so as to provide housing for approximately eighty thousand residents who work for the oil fields.

Many companies placed a bid to be chosen for the development of the new city. For a company to be given the opportunity to engineer, design and construct a town from ground level is not only a great honor, but a massive undertaking. The SNC-Lavalin Group Inc won the contract. This is a Canadian based company with experience. The company is also known for owning pipelines and power plants. They also have branches worldwide and have taken a variety of projects in a number of countries.

With building a town, there are obvious risks, as highlighted by professor of civil engineering, Brenda McCabe. How the company will approach the project is one aspect, as proven methods can be used, but if SNC-Lavalin decide to make use of newer technologies, sustainability could be an issue. It will also affect them in regard to the margins in the contract, as Algeria will be seeking guarantees on the work produced. Housing eighty thousand people is not the only concern, as the company must also create a town that will be able to provide them with a quality lifestyle. Many have confidence in the experience of SNC-Lavalin, that they should be able to complete the eight year project without any major problems.

No details in regard to the design or structures of the town can be released as yet, but it is estimated that the town will cover an area of approximately four thousand four hundred hectares and will consist of a housing infrastructure, urban land, roads and maybe a few recreational facilities. No doubt the people of Algeria will be watching the development of La Ville Nouvelle de Hassi Messaoud very closely, with anticipation and excitement.