Off the Beaten Track to Kherrata Gorge

If you are planning a visit to Algeria and are looking for an attraction that is a bit off the beaten track the Kherrata Gorge is probably the sort of adventure you had in mind. Alluring and a bit dangerous, this gorge is not only stunning but it takes you past great scenery and gives you the chance to visit the small village of Kherrata along the way.

Kherrata Gorge in Algeria is situated roughly 40 kilometers north of Setif and it is often best viewed on the way to this odd but interesting town. The trip to Kherrata is usually rated as being somewhat dangerous since rocks fall off the mountain near the road and if you are not careful they may hit your vehicle. However, this has been the case for centuries and people very seldom actually get caught in these rockslides. If you are willing to brave the chance of a rock slide and you can spare the time, you might want to consider making a detour to this relatively unknown attraction.

Most visitors who arrive at the village of Kherrata Gorge are surprised to learn that is situated at an astonishing elevation of 2 000 meters above sea level. The Algerian village looks out over the Kherrata Gorge and its absolutely stunning scenery. This is a place you will likely never see anywhere else and to top it off; Kherrata is situated at the bottom of a mountain, which provides a striking backdrop behind the village.

Visitors to this part of Algeria can arrange for a local guide to take them up the mountains and into surrounding villages and gaining an appreciation for the local culture. Most foreigners appreciate the modern conveniences at home because despite all of the natural beauty the peoples of this part of the world have very little in the way of modern amenities, money and other luxuries that many people in the West may take for granted.

If your trip is planned properly, you may be able to catch a bus to Kherrata Gorge but when you arrive you will have to travel almost exclusively on foot. If you are planning to spend the night, it is a good idea to pack a tent and a sleeping bag into your backpack since you will not find any hotels or restaurants in the area. Taking the time to sleepover is rewarding, since few places in the world can match the beauty of the sun rising over the Gorge while you rest peacefully near its alluring yet dangerous edge.