When looking at visiting various countries, tourist are generally attracted to destinations that are a little off the beaten track and somewhat unique. In Algeria, visitors will find a host of towns and villages that are waiting to be discovered. In the Ouargla province in Algeria, its capital city is one of the destinations of the country that will fascinate and amaze tourist, and is a city that is truly spectacular and has much to offer visitors. Ouargla has a personality of its own and has a number of attractions that won’t be found anywhere else.

The old rock market, or souk l’ehjar, has been a favorite attraction for many visitors over the years. Its popularity did dwindle a little as it was felt that the renovations done to the market has marred the character and historical significance of the market, even though the produce and bustle has remained the same. At the market, visitors will find everything from antiques to cultural trinkets, but most breathtaking are the sand roses that each has their own individuality that is portrayed in their various sizes and shapes.

Not too far from the rock market, is the Sunday market where visitors will find endless rows of stalls selling their produce. Local farmers bring everything from meat to vegetables to the market and it is one part of the old city that is always active. For a more relaxing time, visitors are recommended to visit the city’s museum, where a magnificent collection of Saharan artifacts and crafts are on display. There are two mosques in the city, namely the Ibadhi Mosque and the al-Masjid al-Atig Mosque which have become well visited sites by tourists who come to the city. Ouargla still remains a successful oil producer, with the oil industry being vital to the economy of the city. Once a bustling slave and gold trading center, Ouargla has developed into a destination that is still famous for its markets, even thought the products have changed, but has also grown into a city that is able to accommodate tourists and visitors, without losing its charm.