Resort Life at Sidi Fredj Peninsula

The spectacular tourist development of Sidi Fredj located on the Sidi Fredj peninsula in Algiers Province, Algeria, was designed in 1968 by the French architect Fernand Pouillon under the direction of the Algerian authorities. The resort was inspired by Ghardaia, a traditional city in Southern Algeria, and has all the amenities one would expect of a world-class tourist resort area. The Sidi Fredj resort area is about 45 kilometers from the international airport of Houari Boumedienne making it easily accessible to tourists from far and wide.

The Sidi Fredj Peninsula has a rocky northern seaside and two sandy beaches on the eastern and western sides. To the south are flat farmlands as well as forest area. The resort itself has been designed to blend in with the natural characteristics of the area, with low-rise buildings spread over the peninsula, with due attention being paid to the environmental and social impact the development may have.

The Sidi Fredj resort is built around the leisure port (marina) which caters specifically for yachts. There are four hotels, an open air theatre, commercial centre, tennis courts and open leisure areas with lawns and landscaped gardens. The beaches are considered by some to be among the best in Algeria and all the popular water sports are available. The resort has hosted a number of tennis championships as well as water sport competitions, such as kite surfing.

The Sidi Fredj Peninsula also has historical significance as being the site where the first French troops landed in 1830 in their bid to colonize Algeria. In 1943, during World War II, the area was used by the Allied forces as the starting point of their campaign to liberate North Africa.

Sidi Fredj not only has a significant history and a thriving present day community, but it is looking to the future as well, by tapping the energy of the sun for power. So far, a gas station at Sidi Fredj has been equipped with solar panels and is successfully operating with this as a source of energy. Ongoing research could result in solar power becoming the preferred source of energy, which will have obvious benefits to the environment.

Tourists who travel to the fascinating and diverse country of Algeria will find all that they need for a most enjoyable holiday at Sidi Fredj resort.