The Race to Create Jobs

Controversies of governance and faith should not interfere with the prosperity of people, so job creation is a common concern for all shades of opinion in Algeria. You could be amongst the faithful, or from another school of belief. You might be a person of great influence, or just an ordinary Algerian citizen. You might be young or old or of either sex. The one priority which unites us is to create as many new jobs as possible in Algeria, in next to no time!

This is not utopia, for there are parts of the world where they look for immigrants because they do not have people to fill jobs! Double-digit GDP growth is no longer just an idle dream. It can happen to Algeria, and prosperity is our birthright! We can see better governance during our lifetimes, and there are many avenues to improve employment opportunities in our beloved land.

Tourism is the best and most immediate way to create large numbers of jobs. This model has worked for many countries. Every nation which has encouraged tourism, has gained enormously by way of tons of employment avenues. Algeria has natural advantages with all its places of enormous interest for international travelers. They do not come because they worry about their security, but that is something for us to fix!

Employment needs a long term perspective. We have to think of our children, and of theirs to follow! It is not going to work unless we adopt a secular approach. Our faith is sacred, but we have to embrace the whole world. Perhaps our colonial friends from across the Mediterranean can help!

History shows that Algeria was once the land of plenty, and we can work to make those days return. The thriving and prosperous days of our ancestors have to inspire us to seize the moment and build a better future for our society. The art forms and culture of Algeria are eloquent witnesses to the genius that lurks in our genes! May the interests of the Algerian people prevail, and may the country find its rightful place in the first line of nations.